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Sims, Sam Roberts and HellBoy II by jaxba
July 12, 2008, 4:40 am
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Maybe I find this music video cool because I’ve had my Sims phases throughout the years. Especially in the beginnings of summer and winter breaks where I spend 3 days straight without sleeping playing in this fantasy world, not realizing it’s morning until the birds are singing. This year, I trekked to the Apple store just to get the Sims 2 Mac version… fully aware the next one is coming out 2009. But of course, the phase passed very quickly and my sleep schedule is back to normal. Somewhat. (Disregarding this post’s time of publication.)
So today, I saw this Sam Roberts video playing on a small TV screen hanging from the ceiling of a movie theatre while waiting to purchase HellBoy II tickets. To be honest, that was the first time I’ve heard of him. Later, I found out he’s Canadian! Sorry, I am probably out of the loop.
Anyway, here is Sam Roberts’ Them Kids from his latest album Love at the End of the World.

Oh and all you folk wondering if HellBoy II: The Golden Army was any good – it was hilariously enjoyable. Although there were many logistic flaws that left me questioning “Why didn’t _____ do _____ and just ____ that guy?” I guess without thinking too much about those, I really liked it. The mythical creatures had awesome designs reminding me of the brilliance that was Pan’s Labyrinth. The action was just the right amount and the cheesiness of the love story was… yea, quite cheesy. But if it makes a difference, it was consciously cheesy. While Guillermo del Toro encapsulates you into this fantastic world, he also allows for so much great humour between the characters. That and the lovable characters themselves (Hellboy, Abe, Liz, Krauss) were the best part of the film and why I’d recommend it. Heck, I didn’t even watch the first HellBoy and I liked it. So there it is, my quarter-assed review on HellBoy II.

    FFR Rating: FFF½ (3.5 out of 5)