The Fast Forward Revue

animals in art: some of the weird and wonderful creatures i’ve met on my travels through the internet. by kswitz

(testing still, or maybe that’s my excuse for having nothing new and exciting to say… sigh.)

Recently, while doing visual research for a photoshoot (cats in suits at a picnic) I have planned for the all-too-near future, I spent a few hours revisiting several music videos, websites, and photos from my own collection (from art shows I’ve documented). And what I found was very interesting, as I followed my little heart’s desire through tangents and hyper-links.

Do you dare to follow?


Well, I began with the old standby, Radiohead‘s haunting video for “There There”, which is creepy as anything, and has been imprinted on my mind since the very first time I saw it, like one of those haunted houses you simply cannot keep out of… (or maybe no one else shares this problem with me..) The video is directed by Chris Hopewell, and is said to be inspired by the British television show “Bagpuss”, a similarly eerie television show constructed from old photographs, some random live clips, and a lot of stop-animation, all narrated by Oliver Postgate, the show’s English-accented creator/writer. But really, “There There” has always reminded me more of “The Wind in the Willows”, the 1984 television version.

Anyway, from there I remembered about Bat For Lashes‘ video for their 2008 single “What’s A Girl To Do?”, a similarly dark (literally, it’s nighttime) and disquieting video, directed by Dougal Wilson, featuring animals in clothes performing bike tricks behind the charmingly beautiful bike-riding singer. Interestingly enough, Bat For Lashes recently opened for Radiohead for roughly a month (June) of their recent 2008 tour. Probably not connected… but maybe…

Next stop on my weird and wonderful internet-indigenous animals tour was this crazy fan-created video for Boards Of Canada’s “Everything You Do is a Balloon”, based on Dale Jennings’ 1963 bicycle safety video entitled “One Got Fat”. I think this video is an exercise in awesomeness… but it is a little bit creepy.

Though creepy is nothing compared to this next clip I found (or, rather, remembered, since none of these clips I’m sharing I discovered on my journey, only revisited), from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 epic “The Shining”. Now don’t feel bad if you’ve seen the movie but for one reason or another (ex. trauma) have forgotten about this clip. Yeah…

Something else I found years ago (and who knows how, or why I remembered it and saved it in my Bookmarks files…) was this crazy site, Bunnylicious,  full of various photoshoots featuring rabbits. Oh no wait, nevermind, I remember how I found it: singer Alison Goldfrapp’s rabbit phase

Alright, well I’m going to bed… I’ve been at this for over an hour…

And by bed I mean I’m going to keep getting ready for the aforementioned fast-approaching photoshoot…

I shall leave you with this, as a final example of animal-creepery: David Lynch’s “Rabbits”. Made as a series of stand-alone shorts in 2002, some of the clips can be seen in his movie “Inland Empire” (my favorite movie of all time, or something like that). Their tagline is “In a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain… three rabbits live with a fearful mystery”…

And one of them’s Naomi Watts.


G’night, all.


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Can’t wait for the photoshoot!! After all this research and preparation, you need to post the results once you’re done. Agreed?

Comment by E. Sempé

i dont get this . . .

Comment by helen x

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