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Help Me Doctor! No, not you Dr. Dre. by amillionthings
July 10, 2008, 9:22 am
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The fact that Dr. Dog comes on my iPod right before Dr. Dre is an unfortunate circumstance. First off, the Dr. Dre was never supposed to be there in the first place. As if knowing that an extra whirl of my thumb will bring up “The Chronic (Intro)” isn’t frightening enough, I also have to deal with my consciousness for having a song called “Pause 4 Porno” (what a BANGER!!!) on there as well.

But, this isn’t about you, Dr. Dre. No, this is about your retro-styled indie-pop counter part, Dr. Dog.

I received a promo for Dr. Dog‘s upcoming album Fate (hear that, I didn’t STEAL it) from the radio station I work at on Monday, and haven’t stopped listening since. Get this, I even liked it enough to show to my mom–to put it in perspective, I think the last record I showed her was Weird Al Yankovic’s The Food Album back in 5th grade.

I’m not going to write out a full length review of this piece, because I’m sure that you’ll be able to read one in Pitchfork shortly after Fate‘s July 22 release. But, let me just say this. This is fucking MUSIC. I don’t know if these guys kidnapped Paul McCartney and Jeff Tweedy and somehow made them procreate, but this is the most melodic shit ever. Rustic production, bubbly basslines, and sweet sweet harmonies for days.

Dr. Dog – The Breeze

Dr. Dog – The Rabbit, The Bat & the Reindeer

Check out these tracks, and be sure to show them to your mother.


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Ah! Brilliant tracks! I really really like these – thanks for the rec.

Comment by E. Sempé

After months of listening to their Architecture in Helsinki cover ‘Heart it Races’, I knew I loved these people. But I never bothered to look for other songs… which now I know are fantastic! Thanks.

Comment by jaxba

dr dog is awesome

Comment by kswitz

ps i’d never heard his stuff before your links, you rock

Comment by kswitz

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