The Fast Forward Revue

(July, July!) by jaxba

Bring your gelato spoons and breezy summer tunes. If June, July and August was a Big Fat Burrito, we’re finally in the middle where all the juicy meat lies. Savour it!

Two songs that I think capture the essence of this delicious month:
July, July! – The Decemberists
the chickens how they rattle chicken chains
Quite literally the epitome of July. Twice. And thrice when actually singing the chorus. The upbeat, adventurous and sunny guitar sounds embrace this month’s lovely discoveries in a well-told tale.

Parentheses – The Blow
whatever weird way my mind goes, I know I’ll be safe in these arms.
Starts out like you’re on the beach in Jamaica, sippin’ that Pina Colada under an umbrella. Whether you’re single or attached, this song is extremely cute. I always have the urge to give the next person I see a tight squeeze.

In June, I was fortunate to catch the Toronto Short Film Festival and those of you who love artfully crafted music videos should YouTube most of the ones shown at the Scene Not Heard: Music Video screening. I especially recommend Challengers, Dr. Love, Temporarily in Love, A-Punk, and Pigs.
And if checking music videos out is not your thing – go make one! My friend, Alex Gao from Ann Arbor, Michigan took his camcorder to his backyard and in a couple hours, came up with this to the song ‘I Must Be High’ – Wilco.

Oooh! People in Toronto this month who love to sit back and enjoy the stage, you might spot the infamous E. Sempé in a bright yellow tee volunteering at the The FRINGE – Toronto’s Theatre Festival.



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Mmm, I obeyed you to the tee, and am now savouring away… Love the video – and now I feel like crêpe, hehe.

Comment by E. Sempé

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