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Covering the Toronto Fringe: About an Hour by Sempé

About an Hour: playing at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Fast Forward Rating: FFFF (4 out of 5)


Jim Annan, Rob Baker, Jan Caruana and Alex Hatz are geniuses.

Why do I say this? Is it for their witty and entirely improvised performances in their show About an Hour (as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival)? Is it for the experience of witnessing their exuberance and spontaneity in action and in real time, as they seamlessly (well, most of the time) make it through scene after unrehearsed scene with a (nearly) straight face?

Pah! It’s obviously both. The performances of these four improv savants are clever, engaging and hilarious. From rectal exams to marital distress, no topic goes untouched. Not to be missed!


About an Hour: shows daily July 2-12 @ 8:00, the Fringe Club (The Tranzac), 292 Brunswick Ave.


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Yo. I’m there! Sounds awesome.

Comment by jaxba

I definitely thought it was your kind of thing, haha. Plus, the venue they’re playing at is great – it’s where all the action happens; playwrights, directors, actors, audiences… all mingling, all the time. So good.

Comment by E. Sempé

I caught today’s show and it was terrific. Well paced, great characters and superbly followed-through improv. I was especially fond of Alex Hatz, who impressed me with his Romanian knowledge pool and Rob Baker’s chinese impression was dead on. Soooo good. Heck, I’ll probably even check it out again this week. Thanks for the recommendation!

Comment by jaxba

I’m so glad you liked it – And you know, what I love about the fringe is the real sense of community you get: the audiences and artists can mingle. If you hang around the venues before and after the shows, you be able to catch a word with the actors, directors, etc. The Tranzac beer tent is especially good for that – saw Alex Hatz there last night an hour or two before the show actually.

Comment by E. Sempé

I saw the show again today! Hahah good stuff. I had a revelation – I realized Alex Hatz resembles Bert from Sesame Street… and his persona is also really similar.

Comment by jaxba

What was this one about this time?

Comment by E. Sempé

About a typewriter.

Comment by jaxba

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Comment by skyclesleendy

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