The Fast Forward Revue

This is the Fast Forward Revue by Sempé
June 23, 2008, 4:26 pm
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Defining revue.

In English, the word “revue” generally denotes a variety show, including singing, dancing and comedy. Une “revue” en français est une publication périodique spécialisée dans un domaine particulier – in other words, a periodical publication concentrated in a specific area, for example, literature or science. The Fast Forward Revue is neither of these – or maybe it’s both (we’re still figuring that one out).

What is it?

The Fast Forward Revue is a compilation of articles, ideas, reviews and interviews concerning just about anything. Literature, philosophy, technology, music, art, etc – chances are, one of us is writing about it.

Who is it?

The Fast Forward Revue is made up of a host of talented and infinitesimally brilliant individuals, who happen to like to write about stuff. And yes, we are real people, not robots.

Where is it?

Writers for the Fast Forward Revue are spread internationally.

Can I write for the Fast Forward Revue?

Yes sir. Just comment to this post, indicating your email and area of expertise (be it shoe-polishing, traditional balkan folklore, etc…) and we’ll figure something out, alright?